Agapanthus Blue Ribband

One of the most impressive and sought after plants in the garden, Agapanthus provide a truly magnificent display during the summer month.
Blue Ribband is a stunning half hardy perennial with violey blue flowers with darker blue mid-rib on elegant stems complimented with long, scrappy foliage.  Perfect for pots and containers (as prefers roots to be restricted) or beds and borders.
We recommend a liquid feed once a month throughout Spring and Summer and some protection throughout the winter.  Can be divided in Spring once established.
1 x 9cm Agapanthus Blue Ribband

Our Price: £9.95

Agapanthus Blue Ribband Cut Flowers
Agapanthus Blue Ribband full sun
Agapanthus Blue Ribband happy in part shade
Agapanthus Blue Ribband attracts birds and bees
Agapanthus Blue Ribband baskets-and-containers
Agapanthus Blue Ribband is grown in the UK
Final Height: 50cm:
Final Spread: 50cm:
Flowering Time: July-September:
Plant Type: Perennial:
size: 9cm Young Plants:
SoilType: Humus rich, well drained soil:

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