6 Jumbo Flowering Dahlia

Dahlias are so simple to grow and this jumbo variety will give you enormous sized blooms all summer long, with flower heads measuring apx 30cm in diameter.  6 mixed colour Dahlias supplied as tubers and perfect for decorative planters or in your garden bed/border.
These amazing bushy and robust plants bloom from top size tubers in preferably a sunny location but will be happy in part shade too.  Just give the tender, new shoots and tuber some protection from the frost and other than that, they are pretty low maintenance (full care instructions will be supplied).
The stems are strong and sturdy, which they need to be in order to hold up these enormous flowers!  This also makes them great as cut flowers too, giving you an eye catching, statement centre piece for your table.  Removing spent flowers will also encourage more blooms all summer long.
Cut the foliage right back in the Autumn and if you live in a cold area it may be best to simply lift and dry the tubers ready to re-plant again the following Spring for even more blooms and for many years to come.  We are always happy to help if you would like any advice at all.
6 x Jumbo Flowering Dahlia Tubers

Our Price: £12.00

6 Jumbo Flowering Dahlia Cut Flowers
6 Jumbo Flowering Dahlia full sun
6 Jumbo Flowering Dahlia happy in part shade
6 Jumbo Flowering Dahlia attracts birds and bees
6 Jumbo Flowering Dahlia baskets-and-containers
Despatching In: December-January:
Flowering Time: June to September:
Plant Type: Perennial:
This is the description of pruning: Cut right back in Autumn and lift:
size: Top Sized Tubers:
SoilType: Moist, well drained soil:

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