Even though this is a beautiful sub-tropical plant, it is hardy, and our cooler winter spells help to encourage new flower buds.
Feijoa is also known as Pineapple Guava, originating from South America.  With evergreen foliage of thick, leathery leaves which are soft green on the top and silvery underneath.  The stunning flowers bloom throughout May and June are white tinged with purple inside and very long , bright red stamens bearing large, yellow granules of pollen on the ends.
Whilst fruits are not guaranteed, they may appear during late summer.  They are said to taste like a combination of pinapple and guava or pineapple and strawberry.
These slow growing plants would be a fantastic alternative in a planter although they are also ideal for beds and borders.

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Feijoa attracts bees and butterflies
Feijoa attracts birds and bees
Feijoa Customers Favourite
Final Height: 2m:
Final Spread: 1.5m:
Flowering Time: June-July:
Plant Type: Perennial:
size: 5l:
SoilType: Moist, well drained soil:

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