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Now offering free shipping on all orders over £50!

Herb Garden and Tri Planter 12 Plant Pack - Despatch From WC 6th June

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Original price £37.50
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Will be dispatched from 06/06/22

Grow a herb garden to harvest some extra flavour for your cooking.

Herbs have been used in cooking (and medicine) since time began. They are all relatively easy to grow, most requiring a sunny position and free drained soil. Whether you use as a garnish or incorporate to your meals - or simply pick a few leaves and chew for a flavour hit whilst you have a glass of your favourite cocktail (with added mint) in your hand on a summers evening.
Our herb collection will provide you a flavour sensation and some extra nutrition all in one neat stacking planter which can be perfectly positioned near to your kitchen door.

Our kit contains 12 Plants 1 each of a range of popular culinary herbs all grown by a local expert nurseryman for us in 7cm pots.

Oregano, Orange Fresh Mint, Thyme Red Carpet, Rosemary Speedy, Chives, Dill, French Tarragon, Curly Parsley, Strawberry Mint, Sage Purple, Sage Tri-colour, Lovage

Top Tip. - Harvest regularly to keep plants in shape and to provide plenty of fresh young tasty leave.

Contents: 12x 7cm pots 1 of each variety above and a Grey 4 Tier Stacking Planter and Saucer.