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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50

Apricot Roxanna

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Delicious vivid orange fruits.

A self fertile Apricot fruit tree which gives you a superb crop of medium sized fruits with a smooth skin. The fruits appear in late spring after the very attractive pink blossom. Ripening from green to a vivid orange by the end of July beginning of August. - You can tell the fruit is ripe by gently cupping the fruit with your hand, if they feel plump and firm with just a little give as you carefully squeeze.

The plant is supplied as a bare root tree for planting as soon as received and would be ideal planted in the border or container. The variety is fully hardy in the UK and thrives in a full sun sheltered position. When the plant is in flower and bearing fruit ensure that it is kept well watered.

Supplied as a bare root tree approximately 80 cm tall.

Contents: 1x Bare Root Tree