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Cucumber, Courgette and Pepper 3 Plant Pack

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Summer salad crops for you to grow in our garden.

This pack contains 3 essential summer salad varieties.

Cucumber Mini Muncher an outdoor growing cucumber which will scramble over soil surfaces or hang from containers producing prolific crops of sweet snacking cucumbers about 10cm long. Pick regularly for plentiful supply.

Courgette Tuscany. A bush shaped plant ideal for a container or bed. Its large leaves reveal at its centre large yellow flowers from which dark green skinned courgettes grow. Pick regularly for plentiful supply.

Pepper Romital. A hot chilli Pepper ideally suited to container growing. It's compact nature means its leaves and and stems make a bushy plant about 100cm tall. In summer small white flowers form and chillies grow changing from green to red as they ripen. Pick as required or dry for winter storage.

Contents: 3x 7cm pot grown plantsCucumber Mini Muncher, Courgette Tuscany, Chilli Pepper Romital