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Dahlia 10 Plant Colour Collection

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Large double flowering dahlias in a range of exciting colours.

We've selected 5 colours of dahlia from the Lubega series. This series is known for being earlier to flower than most other dahlias and has a natural multi branched habit therefore giving you MORE flowers.

Simply plant on as described in the care leaflet in containers or the fronts of borders and watch these beauties grow with thick luscious stems and attractive mid green foliage. An all round garden performer.

Remove spent flower heads with snips and this plant will continue to reward you with more dazzling displays.

A half hardy perennial you can overwinter the tubers if you have space to store them, alternatively its just as easy to treat them as annuals dig up at the end of the season, compost and start afresh each year.

Tricolour - Yellow petals with red and white tips

Bi-colour Burgundy

White Red- White with red stripes

Rose Eye - Pink with a darker pink eye and yellow stamen.

Tropical Punch - Pink outer petal to yellow inner petals.

The collection contains 2 each of the above varieties as 3cm root balled plugs approximately 5-10cm

Contents: 10x 3cm Plug plants