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Dahlia 5 Plant Bare Root Collection

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Five different Dahlia's with striking flower forms creating a riot of colour in the borders.

This collection of beautiful dahlias will flower over many months creating a stunning display in the flower border.

Rebecca's World bears stunning colour changing blooms that either start red and turn white, start white and turn red or some start and remain as bi-colour.
Crazy Love has rich double blooms whihc are white with a green/yellow centre and lilac pink petal tips and margins
Take Off is a cream and mauve pink anemone type Dahlia
Pompom Natal has deep red pom pom type blooms and Verrone's Obsidian has deep burgundy petals with golden yellow centres.

Lift Dahlia bulbs in the Autumn before replanting the following Spring for another season of glorious colour.

Supplied as 5x top sized Bare Root Dahlia

Contents: 5x Bare Root Tubers