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Geranium Grandeur 10 Plant Collection

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A Grandiose display from these powerful performers.

Masses of semi-double blooms throughout the summer on these powerful plants. Strong sturdy stems decorated with green rounded shaped leaves. Some of which carry distinctive chocolate brown 'zonal' markings.

Having seen these in trials first in Germany the day after a monsoon where the water was still rushing between the beds, and I've since grown them in my own garden you can be assured these plants thrive no matter what the British summer weather throws at them.

Ideal for borders, window boxes, containers or the tops of baskets simply remove spent flower heads by pulling down on the stem to snap if off where it joins the main branch where it will be replaced

Geranium Burgundy Splash
Geranium Blush
Geranium White Splash
Geranium Pink Picotee
Geranium Salmon Picotee

The collection contains 2 each of the above varieties as 3cm root balled plugs approximately 5-10cm

Contents: 10x 3cm Plug plants