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Hardy Fuchsia Southgate - Dispatches from 12th June

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Easy to grow classic garden staple.

A rounded bush shaped semi - evergreen variety with pretty double pink blooms with a green tinge.

In summer pendulous blooms hang from the stems. Each bloom forms into a bubble shape which make a satisfying 'pop' if you squeeze them. Each flower hangs like a spinning dancers dress as its outer sepals curl up to reveal its coloured petals beneath. As each flower fades they simply drop off so no messy deadheading.

Southgate is a hardy variety that grows well in full sun or partial shade and will give spectacular displays of pastel pink blooms year after year.

Fuchsia hate their feet being wet in winter and prefer to be sheltered from cold winds.

Supplied as 2ltr pot grown plants.

Contents: 2 Litre Pot Grown Fuchsia