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Free Postage On All Orders Over £50!

Hydrangea Dark Angel Red Lace

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Stunning cream centred and red / purple tinged lace cap flowers in summer over dark bronze green heavily veined foliage in summer. The colour of the florets intensifies as they mature.

A great addition to the border or terrace in a patio container.
Make sure you keep it well watered in summer, a good tip is to use good compost such as our Rose, Tree and Shrub Compost or or a John Innes soil based compost as not only do they add hold onto water better than peat based but they add weight to the container reducing the chance of it blowing over.

Easy to care for, simply remove spent summer flower heads in spring. The flowers are produced next year on wood grown this year and give a feed each spring.
When mature remove 1/4 of its growth to ground level thinning out poor growth and broken stems first.

Contents: 1 x 4.5 litre Pot Grown Shrub