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Magnolia stellata Standard 7.5ltr

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A slow growing Magnolia for containers or for a feature point in the garden.

A stunning stellata as a standard 80cm bare stem like a Lollipop shape. This plant will look stunning as a specimen plant in a container or island border.

Magnolia stellata, also known, as the Star Magnolia because of its bright white many petalled flowers is a truly lovely plant. Its greyish stems grow almost vertically when young becoming more horizontal with age making a rounded shrub. At the end of the stems, in spring, silky- almost downy- flower buds grow to reveal pure white flowers with up to 12 tepals ( petals) and a light fragrance. Depending on the air temperature the flowers may have a pink hue. Its leaves arrive after flowering has finished and begin bronze tinted fading to light green.

Grow this magnolia in a container or in the garden as a focal point, but bear in mind to plant away from morning sun as a hard frost melted too quickly by the morning sun can damage the flowers.

Prefers ericaceous soil but will grow in neutral soil.

Supplied as 1 x 7.5ltr plant

Contents: 1x 7.5 litre pot grown plant