Natural Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Feed

Natural Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Feed

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A natural All-Purpose feed for indoor or out with added seaweed.

At Plants2Gardens we've worked with a feed specialist who has made for us an easy to use liquid feed for general purpose use. This feed can be used indoors and outdoors feeding a variety of houseplants, summer bedding, perennials shrubs and trees and vegetables.

Made from plant and seaweed extract which contains natural plant nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and magnesium. It is known that regular use can improve plant immunity by enriching the soil promoting strong and healthy growth.

For best results apply using a watering can with a fine rose and apply the feed to the base of the plant.

Apply every seven days during the growing season for all fruit, flowers and vegetables. 1 litre makes 200 litres of diluted feed. Simply remove the cap on the smaller chamber and squeeze the bottle to fill the container to the required dose and tip into a pre filled watering can and stir.

NPK: 2-1-2

Contents: 1x 1 litre Bottle

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