Natural Liquid Feed 3 Bottle Collection

Natural Liquid Feed 3 Bottle Collection

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A money saving collection of all 3 natural liquid feeds making up to 500 litres of feed.

All three feeds are made from natural plant and algae based blends giving you the correct feed for the job.

Our natural Soft Fruit feed promotes flowering and fruiting on soft fruit crops such as Strawberries, Raspberries and Currants.

The Tomato and Indoor crop feed ensures a delicious supply of mouth watering greenhouse crops with its added potash ensuring plants utilise water more effectively.

All Purpose Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Feed is suitable for all plants big or small indoor or out.

Contents: 3x 1 litre Bottles. 1 each of Tomato and Greenhouse Feed, Soft Fruit Feed and Flower Fruit and Vegetable Feed

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