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Pulsatilla Pinwheel Collection 6 x 6cm Plants - Dispatches from 19th February

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Large cup-shaped flowers and furry foliage.

One of my favourite early flowering Perennials - I love everything about Pulsatilla, from their furry foliage to their oversized flower and attractive seed heads. In my opinion you cannot have enough of them!

The large cup-shaped flowers open in March and April in glorious shades of white, dark red and violet blue. Held above the furry foliage, the nodding blooms are simply stunning.

Flowers are followed by attractive seed heads to add to the season of interest on this fully hardy, clump forming perennial.

Loved by bees and other pollinators they are best grown in full sun and are well suited to alpine garden.

Supplied as 2 x 6cm White, 2 x 6cm Dark Red Shades, 2 x 6cm Blue Violet Shades

Contents: 6 x 6cm Young Plants.