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Rudbeckia Toto 6 Plant Collection

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Vibrant Coneflowers with a long flowering period.

Vibrantly coloured flowers standing tall on hairy stems above the hairy leaves. The central brown cone is tickly to touch, texture a bit like velcro. For a bee its flowers show up like a dart board with the centre its bullseye.

Flowering for months on end with superb weather tolerance simply remove faded flowers for continuous supply.

Rudbeckia hirta are tender short lived perennials as long as they are kept in sunny sheltered position they will continue to grow for a few years.

Supplied as a Jumbo 6 pack approximately 10cm high with 8.5cm root balls. 3 plants of each colour described below.

Toto Gold bears large golden colour blooms
Rustic has delightful bi-colour blooms in red and yellow.
Both have a contrasting brown central cone which gives these beautiful plants their common name of the Coneflower.

Contents: 6 Plants with 8.5cm Rootballs.