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Now offering free shipping on all orders over £50!

Summer Colour Bedding Collection 48 Plant Pack

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All you need in one pack for borders bursting with colour this summer.

This ultimate collection pack contains 12 plants each of Geranium Palladium, Begonia semperflorens mix, Petunia Express Ice and Busy Lizzie Beacon.

Geranium Palladium with pompon flowers held high from the foliage and Petunia Express Ice are sun lovers. These plants bask in the sun and throw up flower after flower. A quick deadhead by snapping off spent blooms at the main stem means they will flower more profusely AND for longer.

Begonia semperflorens and Busy Lizzie Beacon whilst they do like sun they will also grow in a bit of shade. Ideal for growing at the base of larger shrubs, or for the patio or border which gets a bit of shade. Both Begonia semp. and Busy Lizzie Beacon do not not need deadheading. Often the wind or the act of watering is enough to knock spent flower heads off.
Ideal to grow on opposite sides of the garden or simply just mix them all up.
Geraniums will get the tallest at approx. 40cm decreasing in height with Petunia, Begonia and Busy Lizzie the shortest at approx. 15cm.

All four varieties are garden worthy, disease resistant varieties including the Busy Lizzie Beacon which is not susceptible to mildew which caused many plants to fail.

These garden ready plants are - garden ready. Large 5cm diameter root balls which are despatched in time for planting just after the last frosts and should be safe for immediate outdoor planting. (Local conditions apply)

Contents: 48 Plants - 12 x5cm Plants Each Of Geranium Palladium, Begonia Semperflorens, Petunia Express Ice Busy Lizzie Beacon