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Autumn Days – Time for Transition

Autumn Days – Time for Transition

It’s one of those in-between periods where a few bedding plants are still hanging on in there, but many are looking weary and exhausted. As each container of plants reaches the end of its performance, it’s the perfect opportunity to empty it out, give it a clean and spruce while we eagerly await the arrival of our bulbs and Autumn bedding.

Whist contemplating our Deal of the Week, our little team had a brainwave. What a perfect opportunity this would be for us to maybe treat ourselves to a smart new pot or two with 20% off so here is the link and feel free to have a browse: Click Here For 20% Off Pots & Containers 

We are busy beavering away packing the Tulip, Daffodil, Narcissus and Iris bulbs as I type but please don’t worry if you’re not quite prepared as these can be stored in a cool, dry spot until you are ready (preferably by the end of September/beginning of October).

Last week, we had touched upon layer planting our bulbs and bedding but I’ve had a few lovely customers asking for more information on this lets re-visit.

The general rule is to plant the largest bulbs the deepest, for example, if you would like 3 layers including our Daffodils, Tulips and Iris we would suggest the following as a guide 

Choose your planter/container making sure it has drainage holes and place some compost in the bottom. The compost can be any good quality multi-purpose, our Container Compost would be just the job - Click Here For Container Compost. You will need enough compost to ensure that the first layer of bulbs are sitting roughly 20cm from the top of the pot (maybe a little extra depending on the size of you Autumn Bedding which is to be planted on the top). Add some more compost, plant your Tulip bulbs and after the next layer of compost, add your Iris bulbs. Spread the bulbs approximately 3-4cm apart from each other;

Daffodil bulbs approx. 20cm deep
Tulip bulbs approx. 12cm deep
Iris bulbs approx. 5cm deep

Please also check out James’ video as it’s really handy to see this actually being done 

This can of course be adapted depending on what you would like to plant on top as a shrub, for example, could be used instead of the bedding plants as the shoots from the bulbs will still weave their way through the soil and around the shrub.

Please do drop me a message if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing some fabulous Autumn/Winter container displays from you all.

Take care,


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