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Evening Hour of Garden Time!

Evening Hour of Garden Time!

I’m not going to dwell on the fact that I’m going to lose an hour of my weekend, I’m actually going to contemplate the positive reality of longer days – hurray!  With the clocks go forward tonight, what better way to celebrate this extra hour of evening daylight than getting out in the garden!

I heard something on the radio this week that I’m absolutely going to take on board and rather than have a to do list (which can sound a little daunting), I’m going to have a ta-da list meaning that I can say ta-da each time a task is completed, happy days!

My ta-da list this weekend includes grabbing my fork, spade and Border Wizard and digging over the garden borders.  I have a few borders that I churn fairly regularly so my trusty Border Wizard will be a back-saving helper on these, but I do have an area where the soil may be more compact and I’ll need to get involved with my fork and spade.

If the soil is workable and not too wet and frosty, we can start planting hardy perennials. Now is the perfect time to get these perennials out where they will continue to grow and transform the bare, brown soil into a colour filled spring display again.  We have some lush perennials to choose from, check out the range here 

Isn’t it just fabulous to see everything starting to add colour to the outsides spaces from daffodils and tulips to primroses and prunus, the bees and I just love it when the blossom blooms on our prunus.

It really is a stunning season, happy Spring everyone!

I must also tell you about my nephew and his partner as they recently purchased their first house together and they are so excited about transforming their garden.  This week they have been working on their new veg patch and they can’t wait to get the beds filled.

I will keep you updated with their progress and we have some super ‘Grow Your Own’ options on the website including strawberry plants, raspberry canes and lots of other fruits and vegetables, take a look here 

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Take care, Lins x

Lindsey (Customer Service)

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