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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50
Food Glorious Food - Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg...

Food Glorious Food - Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg...

It has to be one of my very favourite topics and if you have read some of my previous blogs, you will know what I’m thinking ……… oh yes, food, glorious food!

Not chocolate or cake this time, I’m now getting extremely eager to plant in some veggies and fruit and you may have noticed that we’ve added some tempting ‘grow your own’ beauties to our website.  You may also notice that many of the fruit trees and plants we supply are in ‘bare root’ form and this is honestly THE best way to receive and plant them at this time of year but please don’t be daunted by this, it actually makes life easier as you will see from James’ video, planting bare root plants is as easy as (cherry) pie!  

As fabulous as chocolate is, there really is nothing quite as satisfying as eating something that you have grown yourself, the feeling of achievement is awesome.  Seeing the new buds on my patio fruit tree collection and looking back at photos of previous years successes has given me this motivation and I thought that I would share one of the photos I spotted of my sons Veg Monster from a couple of years ago as he was very proud of his award at the allotment show.

Veggie newbies and Garden Gurus, please consider this your personal prompt to also start thinking about how to tantalise those taste buds this year (and for many years to come).  Check out the ‘Grow Your Own’ section and of course, email me with any questions or if you would like any advice.

Sticking with the subject of bare roots, how about the Deal of the Week, wowzer!  Buy a standard patio Rose and get a free planter, everyone loves a Rose don’t they?  What a lovely treat for yourself or a friend! Have a peek here: Deal Of The Week: Standard Shaped Rose with Terracotta Effect Planter

My final thought, we don’t tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day, well, me and my husband don’t (the kids do like to send a secret card or 2). It’s been years since we did pressies or even a card and I think that is because I peeked a few years ago when I gave him a chainsaw!

Anyway, take care all of you and enjoy spotting signs of Spring only being around the corner.


Lindsey (Customer Service)

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