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Gardening Blog: Add some colour to those Winter Blues!

Gardening Blog: Add some colour to those Winter Blues!

Persuading ourselves to get out in the garden at this time of year can be a bit of a battle, I find myself making excuses and finding something random to do indoors instead.  The Winter blues can slowly creep in especially when the festivities are over and everything is a bit, well, ambiguous shall we say.

As much as I am loving having a play with my new metallic pens Santa gave me, I do intent to get wrapped up, grab my trusty Border Wizard and get out there this weekend.  A little bit of fresh air and spending time in the garden gives many people such a mental boost and I know that I will feel so much better for it (plus, that cuppa afterwards is fab!) Come on, let’s do this!

With the soggy weather we’ve had recently, our lawns are feeling squelchy so one of my mini missions will be to aerate this using the prongs on my Border Wizard.  It’s so simple to use, with no bending and will help so much with the drainage and also gives the grass roots some air to breathe to encourage lush, dense grass as the weather warms up.

A couple of top tips would also be to try to stay off the garden borders at the moment as we don’t want to make the soil too compact and also just have a little check on your planters making sure that the drainage is working and lifting them off the ground using something like kindling really helps the water to run freely out of the pot.

Now for the best bit, adding some new colour to the garden for only £10!  As a welcomed boost to both our gardens and ourselves, we are offering a super deal this week.  We have Primroses that are just coming into flower and we have teamed them up with some Iris Hollandica bulbs for an extended Spring display.  The Primroses will give instant colour and, in a few weeks, the Iris will stand proudly among them (lovely to plant them together to liven up our pots and borders, giving a dramatic contrast of colour and form).  Check this out on our website CLICK HERE 

The days are getting longer, bit by bit so enjoy some pottering about in the garden and getting snug and warm afterwards.


Take care,



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