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Gardening Blog - Busy evergreens, always up to something!

Gardening Blog - Busy evergreens, always up to something!

My 2 decided to practice their basketball shooting during one of their ‘screen breaks’ and I obviously got roped into a kind of knock out competition with them.  Fortunately for me, I was ‘knocked out’ pretty early on and took advantage of this by having a wander around the garden.

I was rather impressed that my Border Wizard workout a couple of weeks ago had done the trick with the majority of the weeds (there’s always those determined few that just don’t get the hint) but then I realised I now had a few gaps that were just crying out to be filled, any excuse eh!  Pondering this over a cup of tea I came to the conclusion that I needed, yes, needed a couple of new evergreens to give the garden a little more interest during the awkward months to come.

I invested in a Nandina a few years ago and it is actually my favorite shrub in the garden and is in no doubt at the top of my list of must have plants, it is truly outstanding.  The hard-working shrub never takes a break, extremely pretty clusters of white flowers open up in late spring followed by equally superb yet contrasting orangey red berries in late summer.  The new, youthful, bright red leaves of spring gradually transform to green over the coming months.  As an extra treat in the autumn, when you think it's all over, the Nandina leaves beautifully revert back to their striking red shade.  A wonderful, delicate rustling sound can be heard when the breeze moves its way through the leaves similar to that of bamboo, hence the Nandina is quite often referred to as 'Heavenly Bamboo'.

Well, this is all what is supposed to happen and when, but ……. My Nandina likes to keep me on my toes, this year it decided to flower in late September!  It really does have a mind of its own but hey, it gives all year round colour and interest so who am I to complain, go for it, don’t follow the crowd, do things at your own pace and enjoy!

So, another Nandina is definitely on the cards but there are so many other fantastic evergreen plants available, here’s just a few on my shortlist;

Euonymus White Spire – I’ve got a fairly narrow space, and this would be ideal as I can keep it pruned to maintain the width but add some height

Choisya tenata Sundance – Perfectly cheery for a fairly shady spot I have

Pieris Mountain Fire – love the colours of the foliage to give the border all year-round contrast

All in all, my little break from basketball conjured up lots of thoughts and plans, it’s make my mind up time!  Hope you all enjoy a little wander around your garden, sitting on your balcony or gazing out of the window and contemplating too.

Take care, Lins.

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