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Gardening Blog - Embracing the Early Festivities – Why not!

Gardening Blog - Embracing the Early Festivities – Why not!

Dear 2020, we’ve had enough of the negatives you’ve dealt us and that is why I’ve decided to embrace the Christmas joy a little earlier this year – we need this!

Social media is starting to fill up nicely with festive season photos and my 2 have started to compile their lists for Santa and the excitement is building (my daughter has already made a new gingerbread man decoration for the tree with many more jolly craft activities to come I imagine).

Today in the office, we started discussing our progress with regards to shopping, big day plans etc and my friend (and P2G colleague) Gilly announced that her sister has already decorated her house, I just had to share her photo with you.  How fabulous is this (I’m guessing not all of you will share this thought and that is fine, close your eyes….now) 

The warehouse downstairs is starting to look very Christmassy and I’m even thinking of trying to make my own cranberry sauce as we are supplying Cranberry Fireballs plants!  Even if my sauce doesn’t come to fruition, what a pretty plant to make us smile.  Keep them peeled as I believe we may even be doing a weekly deal on these. (Yep, here it is:

The icing on the ‘Christmas’ cake has to be the first delivery of our trees which has literally just arrived as I’ve been typing, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas (and the pine fragrance is filling the office - lush!) 

Whether you are feeling the festive vibes yet or not, it’s a fab time to treat yourself or a loved one and spread a little cheer.

Take care,


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