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Gardening Therapy

Gardening Therapy

With World Health Day just around the corner (Thursday 7th April) I’ve been doing some research into how spending time in the garden can help with our mental and physical well-being and to be honest, I am amazed and feel very contented with my discoveries.

Simply being outside has so many benefits as it gives us exposure to vitamin D generating serotonin. This is the chemical in our brains that encourages happiness and helps our mood. Basically, gardening is a win win, not only can we care for and nurture plants giving us another purpose (or even a distraction), we also get a little physical workout and with the fragrances too, our senses get a workout all of their own.

Gardening in all its forms is great for our health but growing your own delicious fruit and veg is a double whammy of healthiness!

There’s nothing as rewarding as eating your own harvest, whether that’s a wonderfully sweet and scrumptious strawberry, a juicy tomato, or a crunchy lettuce, we love them all! Full of vitamins and nutrients, straight out of the garden, not only do they taste yummy but the sense of satisfaction when you sit down to a plate of your own produce gives you a real lift – growing your own is great for your health both physically and mentally. Plus, its always lovely to swap your extra crops with friends, neighbours and family. Take a look at our  Tomato Salad Collection by clicking here.

Here’s a few more reasons why gardening is believed to be so good for us mentally and physically;

  • It has been reported that plants can help to boost our memory and improve our attention span
  • Increases positivity when we see plants grow
  • Helps us to focus on a task and achieve a goal
  • Even weeding or sweeping relieves stress and clears our mind
  • Boosts our self-esteem and helps to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Emotionally and physically rewarding (may even help me to lose a few pounds for the summer)
  • Gives us a purpose and sense of achievement
  • Can improve our social interaction, sharing conversations, tips and cuttings with neighbours and friends
  • Helps our sleep pattern and improves the quality of our sleep

Just typing this has filled me with positivity so just imagine how unbearable I’ll be once I’ve properly de-stressed in the garden!

Take pleasure in your garden therapy this week everyone,


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