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Gardening Tips - Getting Autumn/Winter Bedding Ready!

Gardening Tips - Getting Autumn/Winter Bedding Ready!

Mum is getting Autumn/Winter Ready!

Take a breather, grab a cuppa and for at least a few minutes, let’s all forget about Corona, the days shortening and the chill in the air and seize our PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)!

It’s Lindsey here from Customer Service and I am so happy to have you join me on a little journey of my week and an insight into what has been happening, I couldn’t resist telling you about a great idea too!

I feel that we need to embrace the little wins this week and, in my case, this includes dog walks as the sun rises (luckily not walking pooch as early as don’t have to worry about it being too warm for him, you see, little win!).  Snuggling up in jumpers and putting the fire on (while my mouth waters watching the Great British Bake Off).  Lack of ironing precision required for the children’s school t-shirts and shirts (as they’ll be covered by a cardigan or blazer) but best of all, educating myself and my mum on planting tulip bulbs underneath the fresh, new Autumn/Winter bedding plants!

Have you ever given this a go?  It’s so simple and saves time and space, giving you immediate garden colour right through until the Spring!  I thought that I would take a couple of photos of my mum’s pot to show you.

We simply placed some broken up polystyrene into the bottom of the pot (left over from a delivery of a piece of furniture) but you could use old crocks, gravel or grit to help with drainage.

Filled the planter with P2G Container Compost leaving a gap approximately 10cm (4 inches) from the top.  Mum then gently pushed her Tulip bulbs into the soil slightly (pointed end facing upwards) and added more compost nearly filling the planter and firmed it gently.


Next we planted the Autumn/Winter Bedding, Primroses in this case (Viola and Pansy would be ideal too) and gave them a good water.

Voila!  We were very pleased with ourselves and it only took us a few minutes but we obviously earnt a well-deserved cup of tea and some cake. 

While you are here, have a little look at the pretty Autumn/Winter bedding we have personally selected for our website as well as the various planters (any of these would be perfect to have a go with). 

Overall, a productive week and enjoy your ‘little wins’ everyone and of course, treat yourself afterwards.

As always, please do drop me an email if you have any questions or would like any advice at all.

Take care you lovely bunch!


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