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How often should I water my plants?

How often should I water my plants?

Extending our Summer Colour!

A mosey around the garden can really lift our spirits and is such a simple way to help us to relax, unwind and ease the stresses of everyday life. So, let’s all try to extend our season of colour for as long as possible!

Now, here’s the scary part (look away now if you are a little timid). Leaves start to fall in 4 weeks, crisp mornings in 8 weeks and Christmas lights in 12 weeks – I did warn you! Now that is out of the way, take a deep breath and have a leisurely peruse of these hints and tips to lengthen our summer gardens well into the Autumn.

How often do I water my plants?

The weather plays a big part in how often we should be watering our plants and those in garden beds and borders tend to not need watering as regularly as those in pots and containers. A good indication is to feel the top of the soil with your hand and if it feels quite dry to touch, then watering would be good. James has our Helianthus Sunbelievable in his border alongside Osteo Double Fun as well as in a pot with Geranium Tornado and they are looking beautiful 

Should I feed my plants?

Summer bedding plants like a little feed and please do read the instructions on the packet but once or twice a month should be plenty. Larger plants, shrubs and trees would only really need some slow-release fertiliser twice a year.

Should I deadhead summer plants?

Removing spent flowers will encourage more blooms and prolong flowering and keep those summer plants blooming for as long as possible. Maintaining good plant hygiene is very beneficial, pick off faded blooms and dead leaves before fungal diseases can take hold. James has been keeping a close eye on his Sweetpeas, regularly picking off the seed pods and has been rewarded with another flush of pretty flowers 

How do I look after my summer plants?

In addition to water, feed and deadheading, weeding beds and borders makes sure that plants have room to spread and breathe. Check they are not overcrowded as poor air circulation can cause damp and mildew issues.

To finish, I just can’t resist the urge to share this photo. As per my blog a couple of weeks ago, James likes to harvest his courgettes when they are young, fresh and tender but oops, it looks like he was maybe a little late picking this one! What a clonker! Sorry James 

That’s all for now folks and enjoy this flourish of summer weather.

Take care, Lins.

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