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How to add a splash of colour to your garden this winter…

How to add a splash of colour to your garden this winter…

It doesn’t matter how many times I check the date, I cannot believe it’s the second week of November already and my daily stroll around the garden doesn’t look like November either!

We always like to have a wander round the garden each day, it’s always so exciting in Spring to see the new buds emerging and in Summer I am always blown away by what else has suddenly burst into bloom.

At this time of year, it can be a little harder to spot signs of life in the garden – usually anyway!  But this morning we were up early so I took the opportunity to have a mooch before work and the garden really doesn’t seem to know the date either!  

The Geums are flowering their socks off in the front border and I spotted a rogue, self-seeded Hollyhock in full bloom too. The biggest shock must be the strawberry patch which is heaving with flowers and big fat strawberries desperately trying to ripen off in the little bit of sunshine they are seeing. 

The Winter bedding we planted out a few weeks ago is starting to romp away now so they’re adding a splash of colour in the pots and the Nandinas are looking beautiful in the borders – these wonderful shrubs are such a great investment with year round colour and interest, they always put on a display which stops me in my tracks.

My little foray this morning has given me a few tasks for this weekend and one of them (which I always love) is to tidy up those Hellebores so they’re ready to shine when the time comes. 

It won’t be long now and those lovely Christmas Roses will be in full flower, something which they can do for months on end through the winter if you select the right ones.  We have planted up a few of the ViV series in our garden over recent years as they flower for longer and tend to have flowers that shine their faces upward and outwards, unlike some that can seem a little shier with their flowers facing down. 

I love the contrasting colours of Victoria & Albert  with the purple and white blooms looking sensational next to each other – might have to see if I can squeeze a couple more into the border whilst out there tidying.

Happy Gardening,

Lou xxx

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