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Three Plants Every Garden Needs This Summer...

Three Plants Every Garden Needs This Summer...

Like it or not, there is an element of competitiveness that creeps into even the most humble of gardeners. It's natural. We are all guilty of wanting the best garden we can possibly have... but above all, definitely better than "next door".

Plants2Gardens are competitive too. We want our wonderful customers to have wonderful gardens, so with that in mind, we have hand picked THREE of the most fashionable and 'on trend' plants of 2022 that will wow your neighbours and give your garden a beautiful boost this summer.

*Please note that some of these plants need to be pre-ordered ASAP to ensure that you get them before anyone else. You have to be in front of the curve to be truly competitive ;) 

1 - Osteo Serenity (click for more information)

This neat and compact variety of the ever popular Daisy is 100% a summer 'must have'. Giving the most flowers when planted in a full sun location it will flower all summer long. It's absolutely perfect for stunning displays in both pots and borders.

2 - Delphiniums (click for more information)

We have a BAND NEW breeding in Delphiniums this year with a groundbreaking new colour! This plant is gurenteed to be the envy of any gardener. Salmon Coral double blooms on tall flower spikes produce a breath taking version of this popular cottage garden favourite.

The flowering stems can reach up to 65cm in height which rise up from amongst attractive green foliage. 

3 - Lupins (click for more information)

Lupins are very much 'on trend' this year. Utilise Classic Gallery Lupins in an array of colours to provide vertical spikes of colour in the garden border.

Large 12 cm pots for instant display in your garden of this instantly recognisable garden favourite that are highly attractive to bees and butterflies... they also make fabulous cut-flowers too.

We hope you have enjoyed this "insider information' and please be sure to send us your pictures this summer so we can feature your garden and give you the spotlight you deserve.

Happy gardening,


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