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Now offering free shipping on all orders over £50!

Pear Williams

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Huge crops of delicious pears.

Why buy fruit from the shop when you can grow large crops of pears direct in your garden.

As the pear ripens its skin turns from light green to yellow. You can eat fresh from the tree from late August to September. A non gritty flesh with lots of juice that is ideal for poaching and preserving too.

A self fertile tree which will produce fruit without the need for a nearby pollinating partner but will produce heavier crops if a pollinating Partner in Group 3 is within a mile radius. In towns and villages this is almost a certainty that there will be one close by.

This tree is on a dwarfing rootstock so is ideal for the smaller garden meaning you can grow in pots too.

Supplied as a labelled Bare Root Trees approximately 90cm tall.

Contents: 1 Bare Root Tree