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Achillea Paprika 2ltr

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Stiking red flowers that fade to pink with age.

Achillea Paprika bears clusters of flattened flower heads in a striking rich red shade and then fade to pink with age. The flowers on these hardy perennials are loved by the butterflies and bees.

In addition to the fabulous flowers, Achillea has aromatic ferny foliage which makes the perfect backdrop.

Being semi-evergreen this Achillea may lose some or all of its foliage depending on the Winter conditions but will re-grow the following Spring ready to put on another show-stopping display.

Best planted in full sun where, once established, it is drought tolerant and low maintenance. Grow in beds and borders or pots and containers.

Supplied as 1 x 2ltr

Contents: 1 x 2 Litre Pot Grown Plant