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Now offering free shipping on all orders over £50!

Ajuga 6 Plant Collection

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Ground Covering plants with attractive foliage and summer flowers.

Cover bare soil with this colourful collection of Ajuga. Their stems root as they spread along the soil surface. Each variety has wonderful coloured and dense foliage enhancing their beauty and reducing weed growth and water evaporation from the soil.

They are not invasive in the garden at all, neatly spreading around rocks in rockeries, other plants in the border or look great in permanent container displays as a single plant or in a mixed planting scheme with its foliage hanging neatly covering the container edge.

In late spring to early summer all 3 varieties have 8-10cm spikes made up of clusters of blue flowers which are loved by pollinating insects.

Easy to care for, simply shear off spent flowers.

Blueberry Muffin has foliage that starts flushed bronze and bears lavender blue flowers.

Princess Nadia has new foliage flushed pink before turning green with a cream margin and bears blue/purple flowers.

Sparkler has dark green foliage with creamy white splashes and bright blue flowers

The collection contains 2 each of the above varieties as a 5cm root balled plug plant with an approx hight of 5cm

Contents: 3x 5cm Large Plug Plants