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Autumn Garden Care Kit

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Our complete Autumn Garden Care Kit contains all you need to ensure your plants keep thriving well into the Autumn and beyond!

This kit contains

1 x 10 Litre (2 gallon) watering can with rose. Perfect for keeping all those wonderful garden plants well cared for.

Complete with rose making it ideal for younger plants and seedlings as well as more established garden favourites.

1 x 750g Fed N Done All Purpose Slow Release Feed

1 x 750g Fed N Done Ericaceous Slow Release Feed

Feed and protect your plants quickly and easily.

Fed N Done is a controlled release plant food that should be applied twice a year to provide plants with all the nutrients needed so you can just sit back and enjoy.

The composition of this feed ensures that a measured amount of nutrients are released into the soil as soon as it is applied and then gradually released throughout the following 4 months to ensure plants recieve what they need as they need it.

Being a slow-release, granular feed, you no longer need to mix fertiliser with water and carry heavy watering cans around the garden, once you've mixed the granules according to the pack instructions you are fed and done!

1 x 30g scoop is sufficient for 30 Litres of compost


1 x Wet N Gro 500ml

Makes water wetter!

With a few drops of Wet n Gro the water is absorbed quickly into the soil reducing runoff which wastes your precious supply.

Mix 5 ml per 4.5 litre ( 1 gallon) watering can which is is enough to water 6 hanging baskets applying just once per month. The concentrated additive remains within the soil in between applications. Each 500ml bottle will give you 100 applications which is enough for 2 years worth of application for the average gardener.

1 x 1 Litre Ready To Use Sulphur Rose Spray

A naturally occurring tonic for the prevention of blackspot, mildew and leaf yellowing.



Spray monthly misting all the leaves, stems and soil around the plant all year round.


For plants that are already affected by Blackspot, Sulphur Rose helps to recover the plants strength allowing it to naturally fight the disease and ensure that new foliage will not be affected.

Sulphur Rose is absorbed into the plant and also dries to a thin layer on the leaves and stems reducing further infestation.

For all of the above products please follow pack instructions carefully, wash hands after use.

 Complete Kit would cost £63.50 if elements purchased individually

    Contents: 1 x 750g Pouch.