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Blueberry Bluegold and Sulphur Soil

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Bountiful crops of Blueberries from your garden complete with a packet of sulphur soil so no need for ericaceous compost.

This self fertile blueberry is a sure fire winner for growing your own fruit. In spring clusters of waxy pink tinged buds open to reveal white papery bell shaped blooms.

A great looking all year round plant - in autumn its leaves turn shades of orange and yellow whilst in winter its bare stems are an attractive yellowy green.

Sulphur Soil will acidify your soil so no need for ericaceous compost. This packet, if kept dry, will feed your blueberry for 5 years.

Blueberries are slow growing plants requiring minimal maintenance. Simply prune some of the unwanted thin twiggy growth in late winter and after its 3rd year prune out some of the older growth to promote new strong growth from the base.

Supplied as a mature 4 litre plant which is approximately 40-50cm tall and a 500g packet of Sulphur Soil.

Contents: 1x 4 litre Pot Grown Plant and 1x 500g Sulphur Soil