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Border Wizard - Seconds

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Fantastically Popular Gardening Helper!

Making light work of back-breaking tasks around the garden the Border Wizard is a must for every gardener. From digging borders, to aerating lawns, the Border Wizard is quick and easy to use.

The Border Wizard can be used to break down compacted soils, remove stubborn weeds, incorporate fertiliser and plant food into the soil, loosen the top layer of soil to improve the drainage and general appearance of the border and stab into grass to aerate compacted lawns.

Ergonomically designed, the Border Wizard uses a simple rotating action to get into the soil. Simply hold each hand grip and rotate back and forth and the forks will break the into the soil surface disturbing and displacing weeds.

*This product is described and classed as seconds. The Border Wizard product is fully in working order and is only classed as 'seconds' as there may be some surface scratches to the paint work and not at all detrimental to its use and functionality.

Height 97.5cm

Handle width 38.5cm

Contents: 1x Border Wizard.