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Classic Plant Supports

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Original price £30.00
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A pair of New handmade Classic Plant Supports.

These fabulous structures primarily give your tall plants some support but to also give your garden borders a beautifully rustic Victorian, cottage garden appearance. Supplied in a steel finish and ready to rust, this support is purposely designed to fit in with its rustic, rural surroundings.

Supplied in sets of 2 or 4, these supports can either be used either side of a plant to create a ring effect, or used individually against a wall or fence.

Delphiniums, Peonies, Lupins, Coreopsis and basically any tall herbaceous perennials would appreciate the assistance of these plant supports. These attractive and hardwearing supports eliminate the need for any canes or sticks which can be quite hazardous and nowhere near as pretty!

This is an exclusive design which will give your outdoor space an antiquated, cottage garden appearance with its aged, purposely rusted steel. All year-round architecture which does not require cleaning, the more rust, the more character! Another advantage which I feel is worth pointing out, this product could also help to reduce the chances of specific plants being trampled by cats and dogs (and any other small paws or feet!).

Hand made in our local village.


  • 50cm x 38cm - Medium
  • 86cm x 38cm - Large