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Cordyline Southern Splendour

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A brightly coloured torbay palm.
Strappy palm tree like leaves are edged in vibrant pink. This slow growing variety is perfect for a sunny border and can stay in a container for several years. 
Slowly but surely cordyline make a trunk as they grow taller. This attractive trunk looks good on its own or if grown in a container would look great underplanted with some scented nemesia or trailing petunia.
Cordylines are pretty hardy plants and withstand growing in exposed areas by the sea. Cordylines do not like wet feet. Plant in free draining soil or containers.
I've had cordylines in my own garden in Cambridgeshire for 19 years, planted in containers and also 1 in the ground and they have never been protected from frost or snow and happily survived minus 13 degrees C so I think if it doesn't survive in winter you are pretty unlucky.

Contents: 1 x 4.5 litre pot grown plant