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Free Postage On All Orders Over £50!

Dahlia Dahlietta Collection 5 x 9cm - Dispatches from 22nd May

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Original price £21.50
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Will be dispatched from 22/05/2023

Bright and cheery Dahliettas perfect for creating containers displays.

These lovely compact little plants are ideal for growing in pots and containers to create bright displays throughout the summer months.

These floriferous plants require very little maintenance, just a little deadheading and will repay you with bloom after bloom.

This colllection contains 5 different varieites and in an array of colours.

Plant in full sun for best results. These half-hardy perennials can be overwintered with care or treat as annuals and replace the following year

Supplied as 1 x 9cm Louise, 1 x 9cm Demi, 1 x 9cm Lily, 1 x 9cm Kelly, 1 x 9cm Cindy

Contents: 5 x 9cm Pot Grown Plants