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English Lavender Munstead - Dispatches from 12th June

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A fragrant and compact evergreen shrub with scented soft foliage.

Everyone knows Lavender and this variety of English Lavender is no exception. Ideal as a single plant or plant as a low growing hedge alongside your pathway where you may accidentally tread on some foliage as you walk through releasing the scent from within its leaves.
Silvery green soft, tactile foliage grows upon a woody based shrub from which wiry stemmed spikes topped with dark blue flowers. Both leaves and flowers are lavender scented and are also edible!

Loved by pollinating insects the English lavender has a thimble shaped cone of tiny blue florets on each stem and usually only flowers once per year. Once flowering has finished, with shears give the plant a light trim over just into the soft foliage. Harvest the wiry flowering stems and dry to make lavender scented bags from the flower buds to ward off moths from your woolly jumpers!

Tip plant lavender near doorways and windows and close to fruit trees to ward off moths which may come into your home or damage growing fruit on your trees.

Contents: Choose either 1 or 3, 2 litre Pot Grown Plants