Grevillea Red Salento
Grevillea Red Salento
Grevillea Red Salento

Planting and Flowering Information

  • Shrub
  • Evergreen
  • Full Sun
  • Eventual Height 100-150cm
  • Eventual Spread 100cm

Likes Moist Well Drained, Ericaceous Soil soil and is Fully Hardy

Grevillea Red Salento

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The spider flower!

Not because it attracts our many legged friends but the shape of its flower. Flowering up to 7 months of the year in 2 distinct seasons November to February and if grown in a south facing location a second flush in June to August too! With no deadheading required the flowers drop off and are quick to brush away.

Grevillea has needle like foliage similar to a rosemary, and requires a similar growing spot too. Full sun and sheltered from cold winds and free drained soil. Grevillea loves poor soils - neutral to acidic -and does not like to sit in damp soil so incorporate plenty of grit at planting or plant in containers with good drainage holes. A great plant for the infrequent waterer.

To prune simply remove unwanted branches in spring once flowering has finished. but before the second flush of flowers begin.

Contents: 1x 3 litre pot grown plant

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