Hyacinth Sandringham 10 Bulbs - From 7th September

Planting and Flowering Information

  • Perennial
  • Deciduous
  • Full Sun Part Shade
  • Eventual Height 15-25cm
  • Eventual Spread 20cm

Likes Moist, well drained soil and is Fully Hardy

Hyacinth Sandringham 10 Bulbs - From 7th September

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This hyacinth is special!
Hyacinth Sandringham was trialled on the Sandringham estate where we were able to give it its protected variety name. It is only the second true red hyacinth ever commercially produced. Dark pink buds which mature to red.
Highly fragrant conical shaped, erect stalks filled with tiny star shaped florets arise from green strap like leaves.
Hyacinth are wonderful additions to shallow pots grown in the home where their scent fills the air or equally grow outdoors in containers or border.
If planting outdoors; plant in Autumn; prepare soil and dig a hole just deep enough so that their noses are at soil surface level. Backfill soil and firm lightly watering well.
TIP- Looking best planted in groups of 3 or 5 bulbs per 30cm square. Ensure the bulbs are not touching allowing space for them to grow.

If planting for an indoor container, use bulb fibre compost which has the addition of the correct nutrients and also carbon which reduces a 'sour' compost smell.
Plant 3 or 5 in a shallow container so that their noses are proud of the compost surface and the bulbs have 2 cm gap between them in September. These bulbs have not been 'prepared' so they will not flower any earlier than those naturally in the garden ( they have not had 12 weeks of refrigeration for a pretend winter). Water well and place outside in a cool, shaded, sheltered area and keep an eye on them for water. Once growing and you can see the beginnings off the central flower spike forming bring indoors to appreciate their scent and form.
Remove spent flower heads and allow plant to naturally die back ready for its regrowth next spring.
Hyacinths are best replaced every couple of years as their performance diminishes without the special growing conditions achieved by nurserymen.

Contents: 10 x Bulbs Top Size

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