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Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection

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Cut your fruit air miles and eat fresh from home is easy as 1,2,3 4!

Fabulous collection of 4 self fertile bare root patio fruit trees perfect for growing your own! They are on dwarfing rootstocks so are ideal for the smaller garden meaning you can grow in pots too.

Apple Gala bears sweet juicy fruits with thin skins ready to harvest in October.
Cherry Stella has dark, sweet fruits in July and August.
Plum Victoria is probably the most famous Plum in the UK bearing purple fruits in August/September.
Pear Williams has sweet and juicy yellow fruits ready in September

The trees don't have to be large to produce lots of delicious, fresh fruit. My pear tree stands just 9 feet tall by 6 feet wide and it had 92 pears on it which I picked daily as soon as the fruits came away from the tree without pulling to hard. The daily harvest lasted 6 weeks.

Supplied as a 4 labelled Bare Root Trees approximately 90cm tall.

Contents: 4 Bare Root Trees. 1 each of the varieties listed above