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Free Postage On All Orders Over £50!

Natural Tomato and Greenhouse Crop Feed

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The perfect natural feed for Tomatoes and all Greenhouse Crops.

At Plants2Gardens we've worked with a feed specialist who has made for us a liquid feed especially tailored to suit Tomato and all Other Greenhouse crops.

Indoor crops require more potash than outdoor crops require. Potash encourages flower and fruit but also helps the plant utilise water more effectively. This is particularly important when growing in containers and greenhouses.
The temperature levels can fluctuate enormously putting big demands on the available water supply and often plants will be lacklustre in their fruiting capability just because it is trying to survive.

Perfect for all vegetables grown indoors, (and out) including Tomatoes, Peppers, Aubergine, Cucumber, and other salad crops.

Each 1 litre bottle will make 100 litres of diluted feed. The bottle is designed to make it easy to feed your plants with the inbuilt dose measure. Simply remove the lid to the smaller chamber and squeeze the bottle to the required dose and empty into a pre-filled watering can and stir.

Correctly fed plants are less susceptible to both pest and disease giving you a bigger more bountiful harvest.

NPK 10-10-10

Contents: 1x 1 litre Bottle