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Olive Mini Standard (3 Litre)

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Grow your own olives or treat your loved ones to a gift.

olea europaea- our decorative mini standard olive are timeless plants in the garden. Its silvery green evergreen foliage is synonymous with your mediterranean holiday.

Classed as a 1/4 standard plant which stands approximately 80cm tall with a bare stem of 45cm. Its head is approximately 30cm diameter.
Best planted in a container so its roots do not become too wet in winter and underplant with bulbs or flowering bedding plants for extra interest.

Olives are best suited to hot sunny locations which are sheltered from cool winds given the correct space they are the easiest plant to grow. Water sparingly, trim annually to keep in shape and feed once a year. Olive trees live for over 1000 years in the mediterranean with drought, heat and fire so this is really the easy care shrub.

A south facing sheltered spot is perfect. In some summers you will also get a few edible olives to harvest in autumn when they turn from green to black.

Supplied as a standard shaped tree approximately 70-80cm tall in a 3 litre pot.

Contents: 1 x 3 ltr Pot Grown Plant.

  • Plant type is Shrub

    Plant Type


  • This Plant will grow to 120cm high and 90cm wide

    Plant Size

    Eventual Height: 120cm

    Eventual Spread: 90cm

  • Plant in Full Sun or Part Shade

    Planting Position

    Full Sun or Part Shade

  • Plant type is Hardy







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