Rhododendron Cunningham's White
Rhododendron Cunningham's White
Rhododendron Cunningham's White
Rhododendron Cunningham's White

Planting and Flowering Information

  • Shrub
  • Evergreen
  • Full Sun Part Shade
  • Eventual Height 150-200cm
  • Eventual Spread 200cm

Likes Moist Well Drained, Ericaceous Soil soil and is Fully Hardy

Rhododendron Cunningham's White

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Sometimes in life, the old ones are still the best! This large yet compact hybrid is still the most reliable white Rhododendron.

A lime tolerant Rhododendron! This variety is known to happily grow in normal neutral to slightly alkaline soil. No need for Ericaceous compost! Fertilising with an acidic feed will be enough to keep this plant tip top. - Our Sulphur Soil can be added to compost or garden soil to adjust it to the pH level required (also available on the website).

 With an abundance of pink buds opening into beautiful white blooms in late April/late May and often with an unexpected 2nd flourish of a few flowers in the autumn too! For instant impact in your garden, this variety is the 1st of the whites to flower in the year and has the usual benefit of evergreen foliage for all year-round interest. Whats more Cuninngham's white will often have a second smaller flush of blooms in the autumn too!

Its tidy, compact habit means it will look splendid in a garden border or large pot. This hybrid will grow to approximately 1.5 metres.

Supplied as an established plant in a either

2 litre pot measuring approx. 25-30cm

4.5 litre pot measuring approx. 30-40cm

Contents: Choose 1x 2 Litre or 1x 4.5 Litre Pot Grown Plants

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