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Rhododendron Polar Night 4.5ltr

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Striking deep purple blooms.

As with all Rhododendrons a flower bud for the following spring is formed during late summer/ autumn. These are called Terminal Leaf Buds. In mature Rhododendrons they form flowers not leaves. You can tell it will be a flower as they are about 3 times the size of all other buds.

Polar Night forms a large flowering bud as each bud contains approximately 30 large flowers of an exquisite purple with red spotted throat.

Each flower lasting a week and each flowering bud lasting about 4 weeks means you will get a good show each year.

Large elliptical shaped glossy evergreen leaves make this an attractive plant all year round and will require acidic soil or a large 40cm diameter container with ericaceous compost to contain its growth.

Supplied as a 4.5 litre shrub

Contents: 1x 4.5 litre Pot Grown Plant