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Free Postage On All Orders Over £50!

Senetti 3 Plant Collection - Dispatches from 27th March

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Will be dispatched from 27/03/2023

Vibrant bicolour daisy like blooms in early spring.

Senetti form the perfect shaped plant for containers. Rounded and compact with large grey green leaves.
Their blooms will give your garden a super colour boost.

Plant out in a sheltered position and protect from harsh cold nights, or simply move the container it is planted in.

Deadhead regularly for those blooms to continue for a longer period.
As tender perennials these plants can be overwintered with care for a display the following year or can be treated as annuals and replaced the following Spring.
Plants can be cut back to bloom again later in the season.

This collection includes 1 each of the below varieties 10.5cm pot grown plants approximately 15cm high.
Magenta Bi-Colour, Magic Salmon, Blue Bi-Colour

Contents: 3x 10.5cm Pot Grown Plants