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Sulphur Rose Spray and Refill

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  • A naturally occurring tonic for the prevention of blackspot, mildew and leaf yellowing.



Spray monthly misting all the leaves, stems and soil around the plant all year round.

Apply in the evening when the sun heat has gone as you are doing you evening stroll and allow to dry before rainfall is expected.

 Spray more frequently on hot, humid days.

 The fungus spores in the soil multiply quicker and become airborne causing black spot or mildew on the plant leaves which looks unsightly and effects the general plant health. Neither disease kills the plant but the plant will not flourish and grow or flower as it should.

Sulphur is the natural enemy of blackspot and mildew. Prior to the clean air act of 1968 Blackspot was an unknown disease as there was so much sulphur in the air.

 For plants that are already affected by Blackspot, Sulphur Rose helps to recover the plants strength allowing it to naturally fight the disease and ensure that new foliage will not be affected.

 Sulphur rose is absorbed into the plant and also dries to a thin layer on the leaves and stems reducing further infestation.

 Follow manufacturers instructions and simply wash hands after use.

Tip in autumn be sure to clear up fallen leaves and destroy from effected plants, thus reducing the amount of potential re- infection next year.

  • Contains a spray bottle containing 1 litre of ready mixed treatment and a 250g carton to mix with water and make an additional 112 litres!


– an additional 112 bottles! Very environmentally friendly.



Contents: 1 litre of ready mixed treatment 250g of granules/powder to mix with water as a refill.