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Weigela Magical Rainbow

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Colourful foliaged shrub with tublar pink flowers in summer.

A decidous shrub where its foliage opens creamy white and as the full leaf unfolds to revel a lime green centre. During Summer the leaves take on a pink hue for a rainbow of colours. In summer pink tubular flowers adorn the plant.
In winter the plant looses its leaves to reveal upright twiggy stems which look great underplanted with bedding and bulbs.

Easy to grow and compact nature make this a great plant for containers or borders.

Simply remove any damaged stems or unwanted growth after flowering. Trim the tips of flowered stems and every couple of years cut to ground level some of the thicker stems which will encourage younger stems to develop.

Supplied as a 4.5 litre pot grown plant which is approximately 30cm high.

Contents: 1x 4.5 litre Pot Grown Plant