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Wet N Gro

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Makes water wetter!

We have all experienced watering our summer tubs and baskets and the water just runs off or seems to float on the surface of the soil taking ages to absorb into the compost. With a few drops of Wet n Gro the water is absorbed quickly into the soil reducing runoff which wastes your precious supply.

The water is absorbed more evenly into the soil making it more available to the plants all around your container.
Dry soil repels water almost like a barrier but Wet N Gro breaks the surface tension of the water and allows itself to be absorbed into the compost.

Mix 5 ml per 4.5 litre ( 1 gallon) watering can which is is enough to water 6 hanging baskets applying just once per month. The concentrated additive remains within the soil in between applications. Each 500ml bottle will give you 100 applications which is enough for 2 years worth of application for the average gardener.

Contents: 1x Bottle 500ml.