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A wonderful living gift full of Springtime promise

A wonderful living gift full of Springtime promise

I hope that all of you lovely bunch are keeping snug and warm because, blimey, didn’t the temperature drop! The gloves and scarf came out and I even ended up doing a 2 step dad dance to keep warm whilst watching my son play footie at the weekend, needs must. Once I was back in the warm and could actually feel my fingers, I continued to jot down some pressie ideas and it really amused me to discover that it seems my favourite gifts are either edible or living, surely plants make everyone smile (as long as they are not demanding).

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that before joining the P2G team, I was a little apprehensive about Rhododendrons. There seemed to have a slight stigma attached as being a favourite with professional and experienced gardeners which made me cautious, but I am so pleased that I bravely took the plunge as they are honestly so easy (I’ve had one of mine for 4 years now and it’s still alive and thriving). All we really need to remember is that Rhododendrons like acidic soil and to keep things simple for myself, I have mine in pots as you can then use ericaceous compost – job done! Buy Ericaceous Compost here.

The Rhododendron I have my beady eye on this year is our gorgeous Graziella in stock now (pictured above). With evergreen foliage that is unusually narrow leaved and a heavy central vein. The flower buds are plumping up nicely, this established beauty would be the ultimate gift. Click Here For Rhododendron Graziella

Christmas is absolutely my favourite time of the year, and it is actually the simple things I enjoy the most like playing games and watching festive films. Everything can seem a little flat afterwards so let’s give ourselves something to look forward to with our splendid Sweet 16 Primroses (pictured above) which are available to reserve now and will be dispatched in February as a late Winter treat ready to bloom. The gorgeous flowers on these chunky plants change colour from white through shades of pink and even give a gentle fragrance too. Perfect in pots or garden beds and they will come back to cheer up our outside space year after year. Click Here For Sweet 16 Primroses

Oh yes, while I remember, a little reminder for you folks – this is the last chance to get those daffodil bulbs and peony bare roots in the soil to ensure beautiful blooms in the Spring

Off I pop now to wash some Christmas jumpers for the rest of the week but before I go, here’s a photo of my sister/elf before we completed a ‘Santa Run’ last weekend. It was great fun and the bells were not at all annoying!

Take care and keep warm,


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